Go, the oldest board game in the world, has simple rules but astonishingly complex strategy and tactics. The game allows players to develop powers of concentration, perception, and working memory. It gives them a lifetime of challenge and fun, competition and friendships.

In this class, players will advance their skills by playing games, solving Go problems (“tsumego”), and observing demonstration lessons from the instructor. A handicapped tournament in the final class will allow players to compete for small trophies.


  • Surrounding Game
  • Capture Go
  • Partner Games
  • Team Games
  • Beat the Sensei
  • Tsumego Problems


  • Liberties and Atari
  • Groups and shared liberties
  • Cutting and Connecting
  • Corner-side-middle rule
  • Strong Shapes
    • Nobi (one-point connection)
    • One-point Jump
    • Hane (bend around the corner)
    • Kosumi (diagonal connection)
    • Tiger’s Mouth
    • Ponnuki (diamond)
  • Weak Shapes
    • Unconnected stones
    • Cutting on the second line
    • Two liberties on the edge
  • Dead stones
  • Two eyes for life