Thirteen-year-old Eddie is the black sheep of the family until his father dies and he is forced to grow up fast. He makes good as a race car driver, fighter pilot, airline executive…and defender of his country.

Here’s what his countrymen had to say about him:

  • “The most daring and withal the most cautious driver in America”
  • “Eddie wasn’t the best pilot in the world. He couldn’t put as many holes in the target that was being towed as I could, but he could put more holes in a target that was shooting at him than I could.”
  • “The most natural leader I ever saw”
  • “He would not ask anything of anybody that he wasn’t going to ask of himself.”
  • “The closest thing to superman its ever been our privilege to know”

Find out how a kid who dropped out of school after seventh grade and went to work full-time among grown men built a successful life of excitement, adventure, and service. His life was so full and so often saved from disaster it sometimes seemed he lived many more than just one.

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