Crack codes, decrypt ciphers, and encrypt some of your own for others to solve. In this class, we explore high points in the long history and secret world of cryptology, from Julius Caesar and the Renaissance to William and Elizebeth Friedman and modern digital codes.

Week 1:

  • Caesar’s Cipher
  • Book Cipher

Week 2:

  • Key Word Cipher
  • Cardano Grille

Week 3:

  • The Poly-Alphabetic Cipher Disk of Leon Alberti
  • The Biliteral Cipher of Sir Francis Bacon

Week 4:

  • Frequency Analysis
  • Online Cryptograms
  • Anagrams and Jumbles

Week 5:

  • Coded Messages
  • Modern Coding: Zip Codes, UPC Bar Codes, QR Codes