Ohioana 2018

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What fun! 

I got to hear my table mate, Gary Buettner, make his pitch for a middle grade book about a girl caring for Dracula’s kitty.  I made my own passionate case for a book about a foot race from L.A. to N.Y. in 1928.  Happily, the details of the story came flooding back, as if I had written it yesterday.  (Well, not exactly.  Several facts had passed into fuzziness, and I had to plead uncertainty.)  It was rewarding to pique the interest of at least a large handful of the browsers.

I sat on a panel with C. F. Payne, Julie Rubini, and Mary Kay Carson.  Afterward, I asked questions of Margaret Peterson Haddix.  I was intrigued by her latest book which takes place in Madrid.  She signed a copy for me to give to my niece, a native of the Spanish capital.  Julie Rubini introduced me to Michelle Houts, whom I spoke to about Ohio University Press’s Biographies for Young Readers.  I was delighted to browse her web page after I returned home.  Julie has written for this series, too, and I am exploring her books, as well as her long-running book festival, Claire’s Day.

5:00 pm!  I was exhausted.  I drove up to Ohio State’s campus to pick up my son, a freshman there.  I took him back to the Statehouse and we both enjoyed the evening reception: good food, good company, interesting tour of the capitol.

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