A Bittersweet History of Sugar

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Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere. If babies are not starving someplace, they are starving Somewhere else. With flies in their nostrils. Elizabeth Abbott’s “bittersweet” history of sugar is heavy on bitter, light on sweet. Slavery and exploitation dominate her compelling 400-page … Continued

Let’s Be Rational

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I had a friend not so long ago who espoused a libertarian point of view. I enjoyed talking with him about politics, debating  issues. His outlook was new to me. I learned a lot. Many of his ideas appealed. His … Continued

Drinking in America

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Susan Cheever’s Drinking in America is a strange book. It is interesting, entertaining, and informative, but it is also a bit odd. Deciding between it and Lender and Martin’s 1987 book of the same title, I opted with Cheever’s for … Continued

Cicada Haiku

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Rip Van Winkles from our remembered past, link to an unsure future;   prime number of years separating us from what has been and will be.   Predictable: no arcane algorithm, just layman’s addition.   A city composed of those … Continued