Year of the Three B’s

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Buckeyes. Bearcats. Bengals. It was a great year to be a football fan in southwest Ohio. The combined record of what I came to call the Three B’s was 37 wins to 11 losses, or a .771 winning percentage. All … Continued

The Fruits of Collaboration

The Dawn of Everything “began as a diversion from [the authors’] more ‘serious’ academic duties: an experiment, a game almost, in which an anthropologist and archaeologist tried to reconstruct the sort of grand dialogue  about human history that was once … Continued

Safe Spaces

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“Do they exist or are they spooks?” Classics professor Coleman Silk’s question is playful, casual. Its ramifications are serious, dire. He is accused of using a racial epithet about two repeat absentees he does not know are African American. Is … Continued